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Mark, Dave & Jason Ringenberg at The Prince Albert in Brighton

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Koans gig listing so far...



14, 15 & 16.07.17 Chiddfest - Davey Koan solo show. This is a great festival featuring Peter Hook & the Light (from Joy Division/New Order), Ruts DC, The Christians, Roachford and more.


16.07.17 Beach Dreams Festival - Shoreham Koans on  at 1.30pm)


19.07.17 Underground Theatre - Eastbourne with Zachary Dogwood.


04, 05 & 06.08.17 Sussex Ox Beer and Music Festival - Davey Koan and Jon Wood. Jon played guitar at the first ever Koan Brothers show, supporting Tandy from New York City, ten years ago. 'Bout time we hooked up again - he is a fabulous guitarist so come join us!


12.08.17 The Old Boot Inn - Seaford


23.09.17 The Hope - Newhaven


20.10.17 Ringles Cross Hotel - Uckfield


09.12.17 The Hope - Newhaven

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