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Mesquite Tab

Café Lef

Was a café in Amsterdam.  The café is long gone, the story is mostly fantasy, but Jan the Lazyman is still around.


The Border

My son had sixteen addresses by the time he was fifteen. This is about travel for travels sake, no real destination except for a certainty that the next place is the one.



I travelled in South East Asia with my friend Jack – a trip that forged a friendship forever.


Eli’s Song

A rain drenched border town in 1880 where the luck had run out. A love story and another song about leaving a place.



Fell out with someone close for a long time.


Nine Hundred Miles

Two users going their separate ways when one decides to get clean. Maybe they will meet again.


The Devils Well

A man tries to change his luck. The Devil has his own ideas.


Someone New

Sometimes people giving advice have their own agenda.



There may not be much security around but we can enjoy what we have, when we have it.


Crooked Mile

We don't always do the right thing but we can learn. Leaving again. I spot a theme here.


The Strip

Why we do what we do. Dreams keep us here.


Return to Café Lef

Maybe a happy ending.



A tree that grows on the borders between Mexico and the US. It sits between two worlds and belongs to neither. It’s the borders that fascinate me.